Forever imprint your child’s hand or footprints in a 2D plaster cast for AED 45 from First Impression (Value AED 100) – 3D cast also available!

Imprint Your Child’s Prints Forever
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  • 2D or 3D casting of your child’s imprints (Click Buy button and take your pick)
  • Choose between imprinting your child’s hands or feet
  • All the details of the hand/foot imprinted in cast (lines, folds)
  • Materials are 100% skin safe and don’t cause allergic reactions
  • Imprints will be taken in your home (takes about 30 minutes and require no preparation on your part)
  • Casts available in silver, gold, bronze, copper etc
  • If you aren’t satisfied, the impression will be retaken until you are happy with the results
  • Taking the moulds is a quick and simple process using a very gentle casting mousse and takes less than a minute – Even the wriggliest of fingers and toes will be captured
  • The moulds are then taken to the workshop to be crafted
  • Multiple Cobones can be bought as gifts
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  • Valid for 60 days from date of purchase
  • Prior booking required
  • Cast will be delivered in 3-4 days at no additional charge
  • Ideal time to take an imprint is while your child is sleeping
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Frames and nameplates available for an additional charge
  • 5x7 inches single frame is available for AED 100
  • 5x7 inches double frame (with photo) is available for AED 160
  • For more frame options visit company website
  • Name plate (with name, date of birth and present age) available for an additional AED 50
  • Subject to availability
  • Please read the terms that apply for all deals here
Clip this Cobone because 2D first impressions are forever

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