Customers review for Levantine Feast @Centro Olaya Hotel By Rotana

L Leo
Great ambiance (rooftop), lots of tasty food items, easily sufficient for 2 people, fantastic staff and service. Great value !! Show More
l lbrahim
The food is wonderful, varied and delicious, lacking grills, and the restaurant session is great for relaxation Show More
v visitor
The place is calm and beautiful Show More
D Djibouti
The waiters are nice and professional. The main dish was good and the dessert excellent Show More
A Abu
Thank you from the heart. The quantity is enough for two people. The staff is serving. The food is excellent, Show More
M Mariam
Three on calmness of the place Show More
M Mona
Excellent and wonderful Show More
A Abu
Honestly, a very nice offer, enough for two people Show More
A Archer
The restaurant in Centro Hotel is beautiful and quiet, the service is fast and distinctive, and the price is appropriate compared to other restaurants Show More
E Esther
The ambience was great, the staff was very helpful and professional, the service was great and the food was worth it - for the price paid. Will definitely visit again. We look forward to more deals on other services. Show More
s sublime
The demand and the price are the same as what is in the offer. The appetizers are delicious, The place is clean and beautiful thank you Show More
A Abdullah
Honestly, the value for the service, quality and quantity is great. One coupon is enough for two people. The ambiance on the upper floor is wonderful and beautiful, I would recommend it. Thank you. Cobone Show More
a aish
they deserve a 5 star rating! Show More
j jos
everything is wonderful! Rooftop,yummy food,friendly staff,overlooking views in a budget. Show More