Customers review for 50-Minute Swedish Massage

A Ahmed
Fast and excellent service Show More
T Thamer
thank you We wish more offers Show More
H Hafiz
Very good experience with this price. Nice and calm place. The massager did very good massage. Show More
K Khaled
Good massage. Show More
A Ameen
Professional staff, clean and relaxing place. Show More
Great price and professional work Show More
A Abdullah
A very good experience and a great price Show More
A Ahmed
Very clean place and the staff are very respectful Show More
T Tamir
The massage is excellent and the reception from the owner of the center was wonderful.. and the one who did the massage for me was very professional good luck to you all Show More
M Mohammad
I got massage from Mohammad and he knows his job. It was good experience. . I will visit again in future . Show More
M Mohammed
excellent Show More
N Naizer
Really its well relax place. And good service. Show More
M Mohamed
Good experience, Show More
M Mohammed
Quiet place, professional and good staff Excellent massage worth a try Show More
B Brave
Very cool Show More
A Abdulaziz
Clean, calm and beautiful place and wonderful organization Precession in timing . High skill in doing the job Very nice experience Show More
H Hany
Excellent center Show More
K Khaled
The place is clean and the specialist is excellent, as well as the brother Muhammad Al-Nabulsi, who is in charge of the center, a tactful person and his treatment is excellent Show More
s stammer
The location and the massage is excellent compared to the price Show More
I Ibrahim
المكان ظيف، الشاب الي بالاستقبال محترم ومتفاهم، وعامل المساج متمرس. عرض لا يفوت، لي عوده بإذن الله Show More
Y Youss
Excellent Show More
M Mohamed
Nice place, organized, well maintained, deserve the money, good experience Show More
M Mohammed
Reservation and entry procedures are very fast Sweet Swedish massage for 50 minutes by a Filipino specialist named Ahmed Mumtaz The cost for the service is excellent Show More
I Issam
A very successful massage. The employee has ethics in dealing. I was a barrier to ease of procedures Show More
p plowing
It was excellent and excellent choice experienced but I have a note on the rooms it was very hot even the masseur was sweating a lot also there is no shore in the same room The workers are good but the club is not good Show More