Customers review for 40 Minutes at Massage Arts Center

A Abdul
good massage Show More
A Abdallah
Very excellent, especially the Filipino Thomas, a very wonderful massage Show More
A Ahmed
Excellent show and very excellent massage Show More
a ali
Good Show More
M Mister
Massage is fantastic Show More
t the
Very excellent, especially the technician Toms Show More
Very nice Show More
S Saad
There is an Indonesian named Muhammad 100%. Show More
p plowing
The massage was good, but the location and the cooling of the room was very high Show More
M Mohammed
Very good and very nice Show More
A Ahsan
Overall is OK, waiting area isn't good enough, massage also fine. Show More
A Abdullah
The massage is very excellent and the place is quiet and clean Show More
B Bader
Massage with indonesian super premium and jacuzzi super premium Show More
A Abu
A very nice experience.. and thanks for your interest Show More
c chef
Excellent and clean place Show More
M Mohammed
thank you Show More
S Said
good Show More
A Abdulah
Very wonderful massage. I recommend it after a hard day's work in which there is a massage and then the jacuzzi to go to sleep with a turban Show More
A Abu
A nice experience.. and I thank the people in charge of the cleaning and the good massage Show More
A Aamir
Wor Show More
S Saad
Excellent massage technician The place quality is average The jacuzzi was not working at the time of my stay Show More
m mansour
* Prior reservation is preferred * great experience Show More
t tariq
nice massage , was a bit tough Show More
M Mohammed
Frankly, I did a lot of massage, I have never experienced someone as skilled as Sandy who does the massage Truth is iconic Show More