Customers review for 5 Star Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at Madareem

A Abdulrahman
The reception was good The place is clean and tidy And the food is varied Show More
A Abdullah
It was nice Show More
A Abdullah
Great experience Show More
A Ali
Excellent and simple Show More
M Mohamed
Excellent Show More
M Mohamed
Excellent hotel and helpful staff Show More
T Tarek
Went last Saturday: they said lunch was outdoors by the pool but it was in the restaurant. The hotel is elegant and clean and the location is excellent but parking is difficult. The reception, hospitality and treatment are superb. Show More
M Mohammed
*Positives: _ The hotel's location is distinctive and easy to reach. - The place and the outdoor seating is quiet and psychologically comfortable. The kindness of the restaurant staff. - cleanliness Show More
A Ahmed
The place is beautiful Show More
A Asma
very good Show More
b beauty
Nice place, clean and quiet, great service Show More
J Julie
Good food we will come back again Show More
M Mohamed
The diversity of cuisine, in addition to its quality, made lunch at Madareem Karawan an experience that must be repeated Show More
س سعود
Very cool Show More
A Abdullah
The lunch was inside the hotel, the buffet was varied, the cooking was good, the arrangement was great, the privacy for the family was excellent, the workers were very cooperative Show More
F Faricia
We had a hard time communicating with the receptionist & waiters coz they don’t speak english ..The food is great i can say it’s 5star but the service is poor , we had to look & wait for them if we need an assistance. Show More
B Bijaya
It was nice ambience and hassle free in paying the bill , Thank you Cobone for the offer Show More
K Khaled
Good & nice Show More
j jaymar
good service Show More
Excellent buffet with a wide range of food Show More
l lbrahim
The food was varied and the taste was very good Show More
M Maryam
The food is delicious, the dessert is very diverse, and the outside seating is very beautiful Show More
N Nelson
Food is excellent. Plenty of variety. The attendants are polite and helpful. Will recommend to our friends Show More
M Mohammed
One of the best, and the varieties are varied and delicious Show More
H Haitham
It was a great experience... The place is beautiful and classy... The food was good and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this place Show More
S Shaimaa
Excellent, everything was perfect Show More
E Elfadil
everything is good Show More
M Mohammad
The food is good Show More
A Assim
Very cool experience Show More
M Mohamed
The taste is good The number of heaters is very small compared to the price The service is good Show More