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T Thamer
Gorgeous Show More
S Sofia
Nice value Show More
H Hamed
Nice experience Show More
K Khalid
Acceptable price for a closed area for games that specifically suit young children Show More
excellent Show More
A Atif
Excellent service/ offer, thank you Show More
V Vittoriana
Perfect, very pleased with the service Show More
A Ahmed
Thank you all Show More
F Faisal
Nice one Show More
A Ahmed
Reasonable discount and good amusement parks for children Show More
H Huda
very nice thank you Show More
B Bader
Excellent Show More
M Mohammed
amazing The opponent is strong And the electronic coupon does not need to be printed The games are excellent Show More
s sultan
Awesome, easy and fast Show More
I Inam
amazing Show More
F Full
The experience was good, the prices of games are high, but with the offer of a coupon, the prices become moderate, Overall the experience was good and highly recommended Show More
A Azza
Excellent Show More
M Mohammad
Valuable deal. Show More
M Maryam
Great experience, great deal Show More
A Ali
As if I bought a card for two cards, a huge discount Show More
i immortal
Excellent and good presentation Show More
S Shawq
I took my daughters to Fun Time in this very beautiful show. We were happy ,. I am thinking of taking the show again and I thank the ticket clerks for the good reception and I thank the receptionist for taking care of the children during entry ♥️ Show More
N Nayef
The place is very good And at length they accepted the voucher and were late Show More
N Noura
A very wonderful application and offers are distinguished and useful, all thanks to you Show More
s shining
nice offer Show More
B Bashar
It’s great Show More
s summer
Very good, thank you for the offer Show More
A Azam
Good money saving app.. Show More
A Ahmed
The offer price is excellent compared to the prices of the place, There are not many different games in the place, but there is a bouncy game and another large game with various boxes, where my children spend most of the time in the place and enjoy Show More
M Mohammed
Good, better than the offers in the same shop But the shop is limited to games and not large Show More