Customers review for Mixed Grill Meals at Mikado House

R Rika
Somewhat slow in responding to the request Show More
F Fazal
Food and service at Mikado is always excellent and never disappoints Show More
. ..
Good reception and presentation, excellent experience Show More
E Emad
magnificence Show More
M Mojahid
Very good Show More
S Shameer
It was too good and the restaurant was super. Show More
M Mohammed
Awesome and great restaurant Show More
D Dr
Excellent food, excellent staff, and excellent ambiance Show More
A Anonymous
Being from Turkey I should say it is Real Turkish grill! Perfect food.Service is prompt and staff is quite friendly.Highly recommended Show More
The food is great, the service is excellent, Show More
H Hassan
Excellent and wonderful I recommend it Show More
F Fahad
Everything is fine, but any request outside the offer doubles the price, even a bottle of water, instead of one riyal, they take 6 riyals Show More
U Umm
Great food, thank you Cobone site Show More
M Mojahid
Good food Show More
S Shosho
delicious food Show More
A Anselmo
The foods is really nice and the staff is very attentive! Show More
Y Youssef
excellent Show More
S Syed
Very good restaurant. Very good staff. The food is very good. Show More
W Waleed
It was a special experience. The best thing they have is the Turkish bread and the appetizers were good too. The place is spacious. The place is one big hall. It has closed tables for who likes. In general a good restaurant Show More
A Ahmad
The appetizers are excellent. Show More
A Adel
The food is very excellent, and with the offer of a coupon, the price is sweet. Show More
M Mojahid
I would like to point out that Mikado Restaurant. Cooking, especially the bread is good. Show More
I Ibrahim
Excellent Food Wonderful Ambience Good Service Show More
I Ibrahim
The coupon was purchased while I was in the car opposite the restaurant, just before entering. The coupon was accepted without hesitation, and the restaurant was spacious and quiet, and the options for tables were many, with or without curtains Show More
F Fragrance
Honestly, their reception is very excellent, and the grill offer is excellent, thank you Show More
W Wajid
It was wonderful experience to be there. The taste was good. I would highly recommend this dish. Show More
M Mahmoud
Nice food, nice service, I recommend it Show More
D Dr
Amazing Show More
A Ahmed
The location is excellent The decor is very good The taste is very good Excellent handling Service workers Show More
B Baig
Good Show More