Customers review for Fakieh Aquarium Entry Ticket

s sincerity
Everything is beautiful Show More
A wonderful Show More
A Abdualbari
Thank you very much Show More
G Great
Great experience with Good price Show More
A Aziz
Excellent Show More
A Arshid
It’s is an amazing place, worth seeing. Show More
F Faisal
awesome Show More
m mahmoud
excellent Show More
M Mohamed
Perfect experience. Show More
s statement
Nice deal Show More
A Anonymous
Good place for the kids to spend 2-3 hours Show More
A Awais
Good Show More
S Sarah
Very beautiful, easy, safe and comfortable Show More
R Ryan
very good Show More
A Ahsan
Best Experience Show More
r rightly
Excellent Show More
S Samy
Excellent experience Show More
A Abu
The place is excellent. Some of the comments were surprised. Don't compare and shame Show More
A Ashraf
A great experience.. The family and I listened.. Buying tickets through Cobone. Save us from crowding the journey and buying tickets.. Thanks Cobone.. Show More
M Marah
A very nice and enjoyable experience Show More
p pleasant
excellent Show More
J Jaber
Thank you from the depths. The matter was fast and the receptionist responded with all flexibility and smoothness.. May God give you peace.. Show More
A Ahmad
very good I chose 5, meaning excellent Show More
P Period
Excellent Show More
M Motaz
Great experience, I highly recommend it Show More
A Ahmed
Very good, the price was reasonable for what we found. Thank you very much. Show More
M Mohamed
Nice Show More
F Faisal
We are a family with children. We enjoyed the place and the fish a lot. It was tidy, beautiful, clean and maintained by Saudi youths who we thanked them. Show More
A Abdullah
Ease of purchasing tickets via the website/application is easy. The procedure for registering it at the box office is also smooth. Show More