Customers review for International Dinner @ Holiday Inn Izdihar

A Ali
great Show More
A Ahmed
Everything is special, and if it is an improvement, it is in: Serve a hot drink (tea) inside the meal. My greetings Show More
A Ahmed
Everything is special Show More
O Oraib
The buffet is great, multiple dishes take into account the difference. Sweets. I hope you are the best staff. I would still recommend it. A good deal Show More
M Muhammad
Excellent!!!!!!!! Nice food collection. Well arranged & very much active and co-operative staff. We will plan to visit again. Show More
A Ali
every thing is excellent Show More
M Maher
You should force vendors to move to electronic version only Show More
The promo was International buffet dinner at Holiday Inn Izdihar. It was OK for the price, but the food choices were more mediterranean & middle eastern than international. And we were able to reserve for lunch not dinner. But staff service was great Show More
M Mohammed
Very good place and food Show More