Customers review for Turkish Grilled Platter Meal From Dilek

M Mr.
It was an excellent experience Show More
n narrated
The restaurant is elegant and the reception is beautiful The food is delicious, I recommend it, and the offer I expected would be a small amount per person, Show More
R Riyaz
It's value for money deal Show More
H Hanan
Clean and delicious food, tidy place and overlooking the sea Show More
The food was delicious and the view of the Jeddah Fountain was beautiful. However, the music was too loud and they did not lower the volume Show More
M Mohamed
Good experience Show More
s safwat
The restaurant is wonderful, the food is delicious, and the location is more than wonderful Show More
M Mahmoud
The restaurant is excellent, great view, great service, respected staff, especially Faten and Mustafa Please focus on caring for the need a look Show More
N Nasim
Good Tasty Yummy Very Costly Better to buy 2 or 3 coupon per person to enjoy with enough food. Show More
Z Zaki
The restaurant is great and worth coming back to again Show More
A Anwar
Ambiance so good Show More