Customers review for 2 Shrimp Meals From Habaromahar

A Abdul
it is delicious Show More
A Abdullah
Professional and distinguished, good quality and reasonable price Show More
S Saud
Classy dealing Show More
o obada
nice experience and good service as well, but no family side Show More
D Dania
My family and I love this great offer worth every riyal Show More
A Azza
Nice Show More
A Abdallah
Two very good and delicious meals Show More
A Alaa
great price Show More
A Ahmad
Beautiful and delicious food Show More
D Dr.
great experience More than great meal..quality, flavor and size 10/10 Show More
M Maher
Very tasty, frankly, the shrimp with Cajun and the price is very suitable Show More
M Mohammed
Nice prices, great deal Show More
S Sohaib
The restaurant is very tasty and the food is excellent Show More
A Abu
Mashallah, the offer is two shrimp meals, two rice and two drinks for 91 riyals, very awesome compared to other restaurants. The only drawback is the restaurant is small . d prices Show More
K King
Delicious and a sweet quantity compared to other stores and the price changed, but the garlic increased a little, I wish they would reduce it Show More
A Alzongool
very good nice treatment And delicious meals Show More
A Abdullah
The meal is good and their mixes are delicious. Excellent order execution speed. Although there are higher quality restaurants, this restaurant is distinguished by its presence within the residential neighborhood and its proximity. Show More
M Maher
Squid and oysters, frankly, win a champion. I hope to continue and good luck to them. Show More
A Alaa
Tried the oysters and it was very good The shop seating is okay Show More
H Huda
Wonderful Show More
L Light
Beautiful restaurant, great food, excellent service Show More
A Azeem
The Prawns recipe was very delicious but the quantity should be more Show More
Y Yasser
Good offer, value and price, and the taste is delicious, only drawback is the large amount of garlic in the cajun Show More
K Kamal
The price and offer are suitable for the restaurant experience, but the restaurant cooking has extra oil Show More
A Abu
Very good taste and good price Show More
M Maher
Very very wonderful taste and excellent price. I wish them success and success Show More
A Abou
The first thing is to eat delicious Secondly, the place is small And there is no bathroom There are no perfumed wipes Show More
K Kabajab
Mdnsjsbdjnd Show More
M Maher
Very good taste and reasonable price Show More
A Abu
Distinctive taste Show More