Customers review for International dinner at 5* Hilton Garden Inn

W Waleed
Nice place, dinner and services really 5 stars and I thank Mr. Abdullah, the restaurant manager Show More
G Ghannam
An international, luxurious, multi-course dinner, more than wonderful service, and a distinguished and helpful staff. I would like to thank the two employees for their generosity Show More
P Priyangani
It was a good evening. The waiters and all the staff were very helpful and welcoming. We had a nice evening. Show More
A Antonio
The ambiance was great and the waiters who attended us was very friendly and very courteous.cleanliness and hygiene was observed on the buffet tables! Thank you Show More
A Abu
The food was good There is no pasta or spaghetti Show More
A Abdullah
Nice atmosphere friendly staff Show More
A Ali
Amazing, recommended Show More
O Ossama
Dinner is very good And the experience is excellent Smooth entry procedures Show More
A Ali
Excellent Show More
M Mohammed
Excellent and very tasty, variety is good and service is beyond description Show More
A Amir
Very good place. The Only improvement needed is the varieties in main course & salad bar. Excellent staff. Show More
A Ahmad
worth repeating A warm welcome at the reception Show More
M Mohammed
The service is very good and the food is delicious Show More
A Abu
The restaurant is beautiful and there is an outside seating suitable for resting after dinner, the service is excellent, the staff is also friendly and helpful, the buffet includes drinks and juices, Show More