Customers review for International Dinner Buffet at 5*Shaza Riyadh

a ahmad
very good atmosphere , great decoration , sweets and salads are good , main dishes should be with more varieties Show More
A Abdul
Very appropriate and enjoyable. They are helpful and kind, especially the Indian brother Muhammad. The most varied, but delicious, and the sessions are elegant and nice Show More
e eman
Welcome Dinner was not international, and the options were few, supposedly more and more varied, commensurate with the value Show More
Z Zain
The restaurant is beautiful, the service is excellent, and the staff, Shakib, was wonderful Show More
J Jane
The place, staffs and the food are all excellent! Definitely will recommend! Thank you for making my birthday a special one! Show More
N Nawaf
The food is delicious and varied, the staff is wonderful and very nice I recommend it Show More
A Anas
Our dinner experience was very awesome and delicious.. I recommend this hotel for anyone who wants a sensational food. The staff were helpful and friendly Show More
S Salman
The food was good and the service was good, but the items were few Show More
H Hussein
The food was cold and lacked the most variety..but the price is right Show More
M Mohammad
fantastic place Wonderful staff, courteous treatment The food is excellent The session is quiet and comfortable Show More
M Mohammad
Wonderful and excellent Classy dealings Nice and quiet place Show More
M Mohammed
The place is very nice and quiet Really sophisticated dealings from supervisors and waiters Varieties of food are varied and elaborate An experience worth repeating Show More
F Fawaz
A very wonderful experience Show More
M Mariam
An elegant and quiet hotel, and the food is delicious, but there is no variety in the dishes, especially the main dishes. Otherwise, it was an excellent experience Show More
F Fahd
Everything is beautiful, but the items are few Show More
M Mohamed
Very good Show More
M Mohammed
good Show More
g good
good Show More
T Turki
I took two dinner vouchers and there was no variety in the main dishes Show More
J Jibran
Very less number of items. Ambiance was very good. Show More
J Jibran
Very less number of items. Ambiance was very good. Show More
A Abu
Luxurious reception, the food is very tasty and fresh, everything is great Show More
A Ahmed
Good experience, food quality is good but items are limited Show More
B Bassem
Respectful reception Show More
S Sarwat
Was missing Barbq items like kebabs would recommend to add . Had visited on a friday . Hospitality was heart warming and cooperative Show More
D Dr.
Very good choice regarding hospitality and kindness Show More
M Marwa
The buffet is excellent and splendid, and the restaurant is sweet and clean Show More
M Manal
A very nice experience and a beautiful place that deserves to be repeated. Everything is excellent in terms of food, service and dealing. Thank you Show More
A Abu
Excellent experience Show More
A Abu
Nice place..the buffet is special..the service is great Show More